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Do you need cash for any of the following reasons?

- R & D
- Increase working capital
- Buying premises / land
- Purchase stock for resale
- Tooling for a new contract
- Buying out a partner or shareholder
- Retirement provision
- Renovation of a factory
- Reschedule monthly outgoings

Many business owners invest in capital equipment and vehicles over the years. This is great! You are building the worth of your
balance sheet.

But ! What if you need money in a hurry? Well, you can always speak to your banker, or plunder the company reserves. However, there may be a better way!

The cash release plan from ACF allows you to unlock the equity tied up in assets you currently own, quickly, easily and conveniently.

You simply tell us what goods are available ( they can still have finance owing ), and ACF can arrange a refinance package for you.

A valuation is agreed, and up to 90% of this figure, less any outstanding finance, can be released as cash to you.

Depending on the type of asset, repayments can be made over 60 months, and we can even build in breakdown insurance for additional peace of mind. This allows you to leave your existing credit lines and bank connections unaltered, and additionally, no one needs to know how you have raised the extra cash.

The CASH RELEASE PLAN from ACF is a great way to unlock the cash tied up in your assets. Payments and terms can be structured to fit in with your needs.

It can help put you back in control of your business, and unlike an overdraft, the debt is not repayable on demand.

Contact us today to see how we can help your business.