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"Boss, the machine has broken down ..."

These few words can cause so much grief. In the past if a machine had problems, most engineers could make some form of repair.

However, as equipment grows more and more complicated, simple repairs are now becoming a thing of the past. Practically every call out to repair equipment costs money, in labour, travelling costs, (up to £70.00 per hour), and spares. A new board for a control system can cost up to £3k.

And what if you can’t afford to fix the equipment? Your employees may not be able to work, but they still want their wages. This can be an open wound for your cashflow, and in some cases, can wipe out all your hard earned profits for the month.

But at last help is at hand. We have negotiated cover with a leading insurance company that will protect your company against unforeseen bills and events. This cover could save you many thousand of pounds over the next five years.


One of our customers had a problem with a machining centre that cost over £9k to repair. With our cover, he only had to find the excess charge of £500.00


Another customer had major problems with a CNC punch press. This cost £14k to repair (the engineers time and travel alone cost over £2k). Cost to our customer - £250.00.

If you want to know how Asset & Commercial Finance Ltd can help you reduce or eliminate repair costs, please call
Wayne Rees today on 01454 413788.


In today’s market, every business has key staff, who are essential to the running of the business. Our keyman range of products offer both life cover and sickness cover to protect your business.


With cars and commercial vehicles there is always a risk that in the event of an Insurance write off the outstanding finance will be more than the vehicle is worth. By taking advantage of our GAP Insurance for a small payment it removes the risk of any short fall, giving you protection and peace of mind.